The Merry Christmas Brunch!

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Chatore Diaries wishes all its foodie friends a very Merry Christmas!

We brought in the festive cheer this morning, with a brunch full of fun, colour and fresh ingredients. Packed with bags of flavour and pure unadulterated goodness,the festivities have now officially begun at the Chatore household.

Our Happiness Christmas brunch had a resplendent platter of:

  1. Open Cheese and Chilly Lemon Pepper salami sandwiches, with some fresh salad leaves,smoked tomato slices and crackles of pepper
  2. Eggs, Sunny side up on a bed of cheese and salad leaves, all neatly laid out on fresh multigrain farmer’s bread
  3. Tomato, Cottage cheese and basil salad seasoned with freshly cracked pepper spiked with some garlic olive oil
  4. Fruity Fun – Fresh strawberries, Black raspberries, and Kiwi
  5. Black Currant Juice topped with loads of ice and lemon wedges



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