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Between Breads (BB) is the newest burger joint in town. Besides the name that we totally loved, it’s the kind of joint you would want to tell all your friends about. Because it is SO DARN GOOD! Yes…really good. The joint is barely a month old and already has a stream of second time visitors, and we walked in to find out why!

Just a couple of months old, BB is the brain child of 3 friends.

It’s so tiny that you might just miss it. The location is pretty strategic though, it’s right opposite one of the city’s most popular watering holes –The Hawaiian Shack. So next time you are partying , you know where you could grab a bite, since its open till 1 AM.

First brought to our notice by @Karboholic, we decided to trek all the way to Bandra to sample their fare. Now, when @Karboholic says a place is nice, it means it is really really good. This time he said the place is very good. So, at the first opportunity we drove down.

We reached there at 10 pm or so, and were told to wait. Good thing is that they won’t take your order unless you have one of the four tables that the joint can accommodate at once. Average order, we were told takes about 20-30 minutes. Going by the @Karboholic verdict, we were sure it was going to be worth the wait.

The place was buzzing with youngsters and there were a lot of people wanting takeaways too. They had four tables with bright red colored high chairs  and shiny red table tops. They could do with some better, more cheerful lighting though. The menu is not exhaustive, which in a way is a relief, but has sufficient items to make you ponder for a few minutes.

First on  the menu were the fries. Other than the usual options of the large and medium portions, there was a range of fries to choose from -stand fries, Bacon fries (fries that were served with strips of heavenly bacon strips), BB fries, which were fries served with cheese and fried onions. Hot dogs – Veg, chicken and Pork; Sandwiches and Burgers again with an alternate vegetarian, chicken and beef filling (By the way, there is the ten ounce beef patty option for all meat lovers to devour too). And of course some milkshakes and ice teas and coffee and tea. You get the drift. The ‘Pink Lemonade’ and  the Coffee Banana Milkshake did grab our eyeballs as we scanned through the menu, but our sore throats forced us to look the other way.

We ordered a Breakfast Burger (Rs. 229), A Chicken Cheeseburger (Rs.189), a Chicago Hotdog  (Rs. 149), a BLT Sandwich (Rs. 189) and Large Fries (Rs. 99).

The Breakfast Burger does justice to its name. Stuffed with a massive yet delicately flavored chicken patty, it is loaded with lettuce, fried egg, mayo, cheese and  those strips of bacon ! It gets a bit messy while eating! But who is complaining! One bite and you’re on the stairway to heaven. Absolutely fantastic. The chicken, mayo, lettuce, cheese, egg and the bacon just come together brilliantly!

Breakfast Burger


The Chicago pork Hotdog was a delight, though we felt that the meat could have been a tab bit juicier.  We forgot all about the chips served on the side. The buns were super soft, and the bread just melted in your mouth. Thankfully the hot dog wasn’t overstuffed. The mustard, mayo, pickled jalapenos, the onions and the tomato ketchup were perfect compliments to each other. Oh and by the way the hot dog was served with chips on the side.


Ht Dog

The BLT sandwich could have done with more lettuce though.  Bacon was sufficient, the fillers coming very well together!



The Large fries were fried to perfection. The portion could have been bigger for 99 bucks. They were the home made variety, but the portion size was a disappointment.


Overall a good experience. Definitely worth a revisit. Some points that need to be looked at:

The joint is small to the point of being cramped. Lighting should be brighter and seating could have been better. And they should make provisions to accept Credit / Debit cards.

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