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The winter chill is here, and all we crave for is some heart warming food. A plate of simple, warm and truly soul satisfying goodness is priority.

Rajma chawal definitely tops our list of favourites this season. Besides being high on protein, taste and comfort, it is an effortless dish to whip up. All it needs is a little planning in terms of the rajma that needs to be soaked overnight, that’s all.


    • Rajma/Kidney Beans                              150 grams
    • Onions                                                  4 medium sized ones pureed
    • Tomatoes                                              2  medium sized one pureed
    • Garlic                                                    4 cloves finely chopped
    • Ginger                                                   1 inch piece finely chopped
    • Bay Leaves                                            2
    • Dry Red Chillies                                    3
    • Cumin/Jeera                                          1 tsp
    • Black Cardamom/Masala Elaichi           1
    • Laung/Cloves                                        2
    • Coriander /Dhania powder                    2-3 tsp (to taste)
    • Rajma Masala                                        3 tsp ( to taste)
    • Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder                   3-4 tsp ( to taste)
    • Salt                                                       To taste
    • Oil                                                        4-5 table spoons




The Rajma Preparation

    • Take around 150 grams of rajma and soak them overnight
    • The next morning, pressure cook the rajma for 2 whistles. The soaking softens the beans, so you don’t need to pressure cook them for way too long.
    • Drain them and set aside

The Making of the Gravy

    • In a skillet heat some oil
    • Once the oil begins to bubble, tip in the cumin seeds, dry red chillies, bay leaves, black cardamom and the cloves. Sauté them for around 3-5 seconds, be careful so as not to burn them

02-Saute the Spices

    • Add the onion puree next. Sauté away till the onions turn brown

03-Add Onion Puree


    • Add your ginger and garlic in next. Sauté till a nice garlicky aroma fills your kitchen

04-Add Ginger Garlic

    • This mixture should turn into a beautiful dark brown colour


    • Pop in your tomato puree in next. Give the whole mixture a good mix

06-Tomato Puree

    • Now add in your coriander powder, rajma masala and the Kashmiri red chilli powder. You could increase or decrease the quantities depending on your palette. We like our rajma spicy, so we always add more.

07-Add Spices

    • Sauté this entire mixture very well. Till the oil leaves the side of the pan
    • Add in around a cup of water. You can use your judgement with the amount of water, depending on the consistency you desire. We like ours thick, so we don’t add too much water
    • Let the gravy bubble away till the oil leaves the sides of the pan and till the gravy achieves the consistency you like

08-Puree consistency

    • Tip in your boiled rajma next
    • One good mix, and let the rajma bubble away for around 5 -7 minutes. However be careful so as to not to overcook the beans, else they might disintegrate and become mushy.
    • Once the oil separates, your rajma is ready!

 09-Add Rjam

Serve the rajma with some piping hot steamed rice .Onions, lemon wedges and some spiky green chillies on the side are a must.


This is what we call soul food. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Recipe – Rajma Chawal

  1. Sonal, that looks great and spicy. We make it less spicier using curd sans garlic and onion (Satvik). By the way, Mohanthal was great as well.

    1. Gagan!Thanks for writing in.Satvik food can be really tasty if made well.And do share how you make Rajma with curd would love to learn a new Rajma recipe!And you made Mohanthal?Wow!Why don’t you send us a picture?We could feature you on our blog!
      Take care Gagan and happy cooking.

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