Recipe – Churme ke Laddoo

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The Diwali preparations are in full swing at the Chatore Diaries and we bring to you yet another quick fix goody, that needs no special shopping – Flour, sugar, ghee and nuts is all you need to make heavenly Choorma Laddoos.


The Ingredients

  • Whole Wheat Flour               2 cups
  • Rava/sooji/semolina           4 tbsps
  • Ghee                                    1 cup
  • Ghee to fry
  • Powdered Sugar                   1 ½ cup
  • Almonds,finely chopped     10
  • Pistachios  cut into slivers  10
  • Green Cardamom powder    2 tsp.

The Making of the Choorma

  • In a bowl pop in the flour and semolina
  • Heat the ghee till it melts
  • Add around 3 tbsps of ghee into the mixture
  • Add some milk as required and knead this to form a stiff dough
  • Once the dough is formed, divide this into lemon sized balls

  • In a kadhai add some ghee for deep frying
  • Once the ghee is hot and begins to bubble add these balls of dough
  • Deep fry them on medium heat till they turn golden brown
  • The medium heat will ensure that they are cooked through
  • Once they are done, set them aside to cool

  • Once cooled, grind them in a mixer or food processor to form a coarse powder

  • In case you feel that this hasn’t been cooked well enough, you could dry roast the entire mixture on a hot pan till you are satisfied that it is well done
  • Next pop this mixture into a bowl
  • Tip in the cardamom powder,the sugar and the almonds
  • Add some ghee. Be careful with the amount, too much ghee won’t make stiff well rounded laddoos

  • Next, mould the mixture into laddoos
  • Garnish each laddoo with a pistachio sliver

Yummy choorma laddoos are now ready to be devoured.


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