Recipe – Aate Ka Halwa

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What do you do when you have those sudden dessert cravings and realise there is no ice-cream in the fridge? Well, you can spin a decadent dessert in a matter of minutes with ingredients that are always available on your kitchen shelves, all the year round!

Wheat flour, sugar and ghee..yes…that is all you need! You can’t go wrong with these, can you? A quick spin to these ingredients and you have sweet indulgence in its purest form.

Aatke ka halwa, is probably one of the easiest desserts you can whip up…and it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, reminiscent of the prasad served in temples, gurudwaras and the poojas we have at home

This effortless recipe… that has been passed on to me since generations…is now all yours to enjoy!


  1. 200 gm whole wheat flour (gehun ka aata)
  2. 400 ml water
  3. 200 gm sugar
  4. Few pistachios
  5. Few almonds
  6. Few cashew nuts
  7. Loads of ghee


Here is a quick thumb rule, my mum always used: Whenever you make any kind of halwa (suji, rava, besan, or aata) always use the same amount of sugar as  the aata and the water content should be exactly double.

The Making of the Halwa

  • Take a kadhai or a heavy bottomed pan. Heat it and Pop in the ghee
  • Once the ghee starts bubbling, Toss in the wheat flour.
  • Be sure to keep your flame on low  throughout the process.
  • Give the flour and the ghee a quick mix.
  • As you sauté the flour, it will absorb all of the ghee.
  • Keep sautéing till the flour becomes attains a dark brown colour and a wonderful floury aroma fills your kitchen.
  • The flour will attain a powdery consistency. Yes that is exactly how we want it
  • As you sauté the flour, heat the water till it boils
  • Once your flour has attained that perfect brown colour and the powdery consistency, tip in the water
  • Be very careful, since the mixture will sizzle at this point

  • Now for some quick handwork
  • Swiftly work your ladle through the mixture so that no lumps are formed
  • The water will slowly be absorbed
  • Once you see the water absorbing, pop in the sugar
  • Keep working your ladle. Don’t stop!
  • The sugar will slowly caramelize, giving your halwa a  beautiful deep brown colour.
  • Keep working your ladle till all the water has been absorbed and you have attained that halwa consistency.
  • Add another generous spoonful and ghee and give your halwa another good mix.
  • Pop in your dry fruits at this point and give it a mix again

  • This entire process doesn’t take more than 20 minutes!

Grab a bowl and tip in your halwa…garnish with a few nuts…Enjoy!




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  1. I love gurudwara halwas they are very very tasty and yummy . I love to have again and again . Its is awesome …….. and nice.

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