Grandpa and Mango Kulfi

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Come summers, and the house is bursting with the aroma of pure indulgence, of the ‘Hapus’. We are blessed with a friend who sends us the purest Alphonso mangoes from his farm in Ratnagiri. With a peti arriving every two weeks, we perpetually live only on mangoes the whole season.


Yes, whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, the Alphonso takes center stage in every meal either in the form of aamras or as is, with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream at times. As the season has started to come to a close and the final peti has arrived, I thought of indulging the family with a decadent mango based dessert- The Mango Kulfi.



I love Kulfi. As a child my kulfi tryst began with my maternal grandparents who lived at Shivaji Park.Whenever I stayed over, every evening my grandparents would walk me to Dadar Chowpatty. Invariably, the kulfi wala in his crisp white kurta and dhoti carrying a huge basket covered with a deep red coloured cloth, wearing a wide smile, would come running towards us. I still vividly remember how deftly he used to open an aluminium mould, push a slim wooden stick in and effortlessly pull out the best Malai kulfi I have ever eaten. Priced at 50p, it was pure indulgence! I have never been able to replicate that exact taste in any of my kulfi experiments in the kitchen.

My love for kulfi came from my father’s side of the family too. My paternal grandparents who lived at Grant Road always drove me down to Girgaum Chowpatty for the world famous kesar pista kulfi at Parsi Dairy. This variety was far more sophisticated though. A shiny white quarter plate, with a disc of kulfi neatly placed right at the centre of a square shaped piece of butter paper arrived as soon as we got a table. That kulfi is probably the creamiest and richest kulfi I have ever had!

So to celebrate all these memories, mango kulfi is what I decided to whip up with the last batch of mangoes. This recipe is very quick and gets done in 30 minutes; the time for freezing depends on your refrigerator though.

The Ingredients

  • Alphonso Mangoes  about 6 medium sized ones
  • Milk                                                 1 ½ Litres
  • Condensed Milk                         ½ Cup
  • Khoya ( evaporated milk)     100 gms
  • Sugar                                              2 Tbsps

The Making

  • Boil all of the milk in a large kadhai. I would suggest the use of a non stick kadhai so the milk does not burn as it reduces
  • Once the milk reduces a bit, add the khoya to the milk. Whisk in the khoya very well into the milk so that it does not leave in any lumps in your mixture
  • Pop in the condensed milk
  • Be careful of the amount of sugar you use. Remember condensed milk is already sweetened and the mangoes are sweeter, so limit the use of extra sugar
  • Once the mixture thickens add in your sugar and blend it in.Tasting the mixture before you add the sugar would be a good idea to assess the levels of sweetness
  • Once the mixture is thick enough, get it off the heat and allow it cool off completely
  • In the meanwhile scoop out the flesh of the mangoes and puree very well in a blender
  • Once the kulfi mixture has cooled down to room temperature, fold in the mango puree gently.

Kulfi Process

  • Pour the mixture into your kulfi moulds. If you don’t have moulds, you could pour the mixture into an aluminium ice cream tray instead.
  •  Freeze for 6-8 hours or till it is well set.




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