Cocktail Ideas for a Sunday Brunch

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I got initiated into the fine art of mixing during a workshop with the Bar Master Shatbi Basu.  Replete with  anecdotes on her adventures, and some mis-adventures,  it was evident that her first love was the art of mixing. According to her, one’s body only knows –OH. No black alcohol, no white alcohol; Bond’s ‘shaken not stirred’  Martini is a drink for pansies. Needless to say we, the audience were hooked to every word she said.

It was a Vodka mixed workshop, and from 11 in the morning to 5 in the evening we were making, and, err… tasting our mixes and others mixes. After 5 I was just trying to figure out what hit me.

I’ve come a long way since then, and while I do have occasional binges with my friends, I prefer to try out cocktails on the menu. I feel that the quality of cocktails at any bar is the true measure of its ability. And of course the music they choose to play.

Come summer, the fruit markets burst with colors. The brightest and the most succulent fruits adorn every nook and corner, and I could live on a fruit diet only.

It also presents a good opportunity to try out some fancy and some straightforward mixes.

So while it’s the season for Mangoes and Litchis, and I’ve had a bottle of Gin lying around forever, we seized this hot Saturday afternoon to pour us a couple.

Simple stuff – fresh cut fruits and juice, liberal use of ice, mint, tonic water and Gin. Lots of Gin. So we came up with Litchin, Melony, Tangerina and Mangingo.



What I’ve also learned over the last few years is that one should avoid ripe or over ripe fruits.  Slightly under ripe fruits bring a certain tanginess or zing in the drink.







If you prefer a clear drink, then you can also use processed juices also. Freshly squeezed juices would have only natural sugars. So if you like you drink ‘nature balance’ then this is the way to go.





Tangerina with Cherries

The possibilities are endless. Go enjoy yourself.

2 thoughts on “Cocktail Ideas for a Sunday Brunch

    1. Hi Judi!
      For Tangerina, on a bed of crushed ice, pour about 45 ml of dry Gin (i used Bombay Sapphire). Drop in a tangerine peel. Juice from the peel adds a unique flavor to the drink. Add a dash of Orange juice (depending on how much of an Orangy taste you’d like) and top up with Tonic water. Garnish with a slice of Tangerine.

      For Litchin – similar to Tangerina, but try it with crushed ice,a nd garnish with Cherries. Poke the cherries slightly so that the cherry juice mixes with the Litchi juice and tonic water to create a truly refreshing flavour.

      I hope you enjoy your drink! Do let me know how they turn out!

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