Chilly Chicken

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Chilly Chicken

I am a chilly chicken fanatic! In the real sense of the word! I can have chilly chicken any time of the day or night. It’s my favourite comfort food. I absolutely love nibbling on spicy chilly chicken with my drinks or have it just as is. It’s something I always order with the first round of drinks, whenever I’m out with friends. So yes; I am a self- confessed chilly chicken fan!

There are some nights when we come back from work and head straight to the kitchen. That’s how we unwind after a hectic day. Last night was yet another typical rainy and windy Bombay night and we craved to tuck into something warm, spicy and comforting.

So chilly chicken and jasmine rice it was!

The Ingredients

  1. Boneless Chicken cut into cubes        500 grams
  2. Green Chillies, slit into half                  8-10
  3. Garlic cloves finely chopped               10-12
  4. Large Onions, cut into 4 quarters      4
  5. Green Capsicums, cut into squares   2
  6. Corn flour                     3 tbsps.
  7. Freshly cracked peppercorns             7-8
  8. Dark Soy Sauce                                         4-5 tbsp.
  9. Green Chilly sauce                                  3 tbsps.
  10.  Red Chili Sauce                                       3 tbsps.
  11.  Chilly Vinegar                                         2 tbsps.
  12.  Water                                                          1 cup
  13.  Oil
  14.  Salt to taste



The Making

  • Marinate the chicken cubes with around 2 tbsps. of dark soy, freshly cracked peppercorns, half the corn flour and very little salt. Set this aside.

Chatore Tip : Remember the soy has a very high salt content so keep the salt content minimal in the recipe.

  • In a large wok, heat some oil. Once the oil is hot enough, add all of the garlic and the slit green chillies.
  • Add the onion quarters in next.
  • Next add the rest of your sauces and the vinegar and give it one good stir.
  • Pop in your marinated chicken cubes in next and sauté them very well.
  • Add 1 cup of water and let the chicken cook through
  • Alongside, blend the remaining corn flour with some water till it is completely dissolves.
  • Once the chicken is completely cooked through, add the blended corn flour mix to the wok.
  • Give all the contents of the wok one good mix.
  • Let the gravy thicken well.
  • Once the gravy has thickened to the desired consistency, add the cubes of capsicum.

Chatore Tip : Always add these right in the end, so they remain crunchy when you serve the chicken. 

  • Slit a few more green chillies and add them to the wok.One more mix and the chilly chicken is done!!


We had our chilly chicken with piping hot jasmine rice that was flavored with just a dash of chilly vinegar and some chopped celery and spring onion sticks.


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