Food takes centre stage in our lives. Yes. It reigns supreme over everything else.

Being a foodie these days is all about using exotic ingredients, exploring world cuisines and trying new techniques. Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, we’re big Master Chef fans too!

While the world of food goes gourmet, the strength of tradition seems to have got lost in the plot. Here at the Chatore Diaries, we want to revive tradition. Our primary focus is on simple food full of wholesome goodness for everyone. We are on a mission to dig out all those wonderful scrumptious secrets hidden in our moms’, grand moms’ and great grand moms’ old recipe journals and open a Pandora’s Box of awesome deliciousness for you!

We are Ketan and Sonal, and together we run The Chatore Diaries. While Ketan spins his magic behind the lens, Sonal is the one responsible for bringing the recipes to life.



Ketan, is passionate about food, books, photography, loves thinking out of the box and dreams of being a food stylist someday. Loves to travel, enjoys his drink and good company. Is highly allergic to morons, snobs and pessimists. A marketing manager by the week, his weekends are full of fresh plating ideas, recipes, food and the good life!


Sonal, absolutely loves to cook! A marketing manager during the week, nothing can stop her from donning the Chef’s hat over the weekend. A Marathi mulgi at heart, she knows her spices and the poetry a medley of them could create on the palette. She loves nothing more than collecting cutlery, glassware and those wonderful somethings for the house!



That said, welcome to the Chatore Diaries, we hope you enjoy your time here and keep coming back for more!



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  1. I have always liked your Pandit ji ka Nashta posts in CAL – but didn’t know you had such a lovely blog out there in the blogsphere! 🙂 Great work – and love the idea of two foodies – Pandit JI and the Panditayin! 😀

  2. Dear Sonal and Ketan,
    I have tried the Kolhapuri chicken by your method and got good rather very good feedback. Big thanks for the recipe.

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